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Post #6: Speed Post

Have to go to bed already . Fast posting here. :)
Our DEAR HUIYI has finally posted up the photos on JAMES' BIRTHDAY! I'm just going to post the photos . :)
Will update when I have the time as easter is coming ! :DD


Post #5: E-Learning Day! :]

Wednesday was elearning day, so there was no need to go to school. :)
Woke up around 10am then prepared to go out. Met ChunYee at my house downstairs and we head to Bugis. THANKS CHUNYEE for shopping with me. :D
Around 12.30pm we separate ways and I headed to Harbourfront to meet HuiYi, Brenda and James. Went to the cinema box office @ Vivocity to buy movie tickets for 'Kidnapper' then headed to Food Republic to eat lunch. The funny thing is, no one ate except James.. ahahahh! So we just sit around and chat while James finishes his meal and we then we went to watch the movie. For me to describe the movie, there's only 2 words: 'torture' and 'gore'. I didn't really enjoy watching some of the scenes hence, i was using my jacket to cover my face. James still laugh at me somemore ! :(
Don't think that I did not see you laughing lor.. I was facing you when I covered my face. :/
I'm not a fan of gore and torture. So the audio of it creeps me already, I don't need any help from my sense of sight. After the movie, I don't know why also, I went into emo mode. Maybe it's the after-effect of me watching the movie. So we just slacked and walked around Vivocity. We also made a stop at Topman to find Jicai. :D
He showed us his new hairstyle: mohawk! :D
Anyway, yups.. Brenda had to reach AngMoKio by 6+ to get her new phone, blackberry storm 2! I feel happy for her. :D
She finally got what she want. :)
So, we went to board the train and Brenda took to AMK while James, HuiYi and me took to Potong Pasir. We first headed to HuiYi's house as she needs to put down some stuffs and grab her tuition bag. Then we slowly walked towards Toa Payoh. I was meeting the rest of the Sec4 volleyballers at 8pm as we are going to have our farewell dinner with our coach. By the time we reached Toa Payoh, it was around 6.45pm. There was still time. So, James recommended to head to Lorong 5 to eat beancurd. And we were like chatting so much luhs. We sat down at the hawker centre and slowly ate our beancurd, except HuiYi who ate grass jelly with longan. By the time we are done, it was 7.30pm already. We slowly make our way to central, at around 7.45pm, I sent off Huiyi and James first before i head to red circle to meet the rest. BIG THANKYOU to JAMES & HUIYI for accompanying me to slack until so late. xP
THANKS JAMES for helping me finish my maths elearning! :D
And so, I met everyone at red circle at 8pm. Waited til 8.15pm for everyone to arrive. YeeLynn first brought most of them there while a few  of us waited for ChunYee who was the only one left. We reached around 9pm and we started ordering food. The food was nice uh. :DD
The whole time everyone was enjoying themselves! :DD
Finished eating and everything by 11pm then we all head home. :D
THANKS JERRY for the wonderful dinner! :DD

Post #4: Happy Birthday James! :D

Ahahahah!! This is like really late .. Anyway, yahs ... Celebrated James's birthday on Monday with Brenda, HuiYi, WaiYi and ChunYee. Met everyone at Bishan Mos Burger at 4.30pm. Then we started eating and chatting. Halfway through me and HuiYi faked to go buy food. Went to get the cake instead and "surprised" James. But he should be expecting it luhh. we continued talking until around 6.30pm then leave as the birthday TYNAGER has to rush off to somewhere else.. so yupps. :)
shall upload the photos when our DEAR HUIYI is done with uploading them on facebook. :)

Post #3: Happy Birthday, Leila! :]

Hey Leila! Just wanna say that you're the greatest leader I'd ever met! Meeting someone like you is one of my greatest honor! Anyway, I wish you all the best in whatever you do, and may God give you more blessings that you can ever get ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :DD

Post #2: VOLLEYBALL CAMP 2010!

Another recent event was the Volleyball Camp 2010!! I'm sure everyone enjoyed the camp. :D
On day one, I was super excited and energetic! Started with icebreakers and mass game. But sadly, I couldn't join because there's too much admin stuff to do! Only joined during team games. Was having fun challenging Team 1(Shubbys) in the game of 'Fill the Cup'. :DD
Water games started at around 4pm. WaiYi and I did not join as we went to collect volleyball shirts, bathe and prepare dinner. After dinner, everyone headed to the Sec4s bunk and we had a game of 'I know you forgot the lyrics!'(Don't forget the lyrics) until around 9.30pm. Then the started the night walk around school. Had fun scaring people! :DD
Some of them did really silly stuff! HAHAHHS!! After night walk we gathered everyone back and started distributing the volleyball shirts and supper. THANKS WAIYI for lending me your toothpaste. Lights off was at 12am. I tried to sleep, but i woke up at around 1am due to having headache and found most of the Sec4s still awake. Hence, some of us went to the parade square for star gazing. Amazingly, the parade square is so much more cooler than the bunks! The few of us laid there and chat. Until around 3.30am, i told ChunYee that i feel like going jogging. She said she don't mind. And so, we went back to our bunk to change and we went jogging/running around the school. I was thinking, 'Wow, I'm actually jogging at 3.30am in the morning around the school..' by the time we finished, it was already 4am. Then we went to bathe and prepare breakfast . By the time we were done, it was 5.30am and we just fell asleep in the canteen. At 6.30am, I was woken up by Mrs Koh BT. She was wondering if i was okay because i was all alone in the canteen. Then I realised ChunYee left me alone. :/
Had a hearty breakfast then started the morning activities. During that time I was dead, I slept throughout the whole time while the others were playing volleyball. A few minutes before lunch, WaiYi woke me up and told me that we had to prepare lunch. Then we realised we need to buy ice, we rushed out of school and bought ice back. After lunch, we had amazing race around Toa Payoh and Bishan. The funniest station was the one at Sky Garden! The Teams have to eat half a watermelon without anything !! My station was the first station that i managed with WaiYi. It was where all the teams start. After we were done, we went to join other stations. At first, I went to KFC with WaiYi to find ChunYee, Sarah and XiaoYan. But it was too hot over there and so i went somewhere else. The rest of the time i was slacking at Toa Payoh Popular with WanLin and Olivia. When the race finished, we gathered everyone at the front of the HDB Hub. I did a mini debrief over there then dismissed them for dinner. WaiYi, ChunYee and I went to NTUC to buy the next morning's breakfast and other stuffs instead. In the end, we did not have enough time to eat. So we went to Macs to buy takeaways. We then went to meet the rest of the volleyballers at the Red Circle and we took a bus back to school. I then did another debrief in the foyer and dismissed them to bathe.
By the time, i was super exhausted and having headachs and body aches. I was in the midst of losing my voice too. BIG THANKS to CHUNYEE and some who helped me to gather everyone's attention during commitment evaluation time. After that, we started singing campfire songs. :DD
We all had a lot of fun! :D
Some even started dancing! Ended the whole singing session by singing spongebob's campfire song. :D
I did another round of debrief then we went to the logistics room to have supper. By 11pm, all lights went off. Left a few Sec4s and me haven't sleep only. ANOTHER THANKYOU to CHUNYEE for helping me in packing the logistics room. :)
Then we were like super tired and sticky due to the dried sweat. THANKS WAIYI for lending me your toothpaste. So we went for another round of bathing. After bathing, I had a horrible headache! THANKS to CHUNYEE for accompanying me to find Miss Tuan for warm water and massaging my head to sleep. I really appreciated it! Your massaging is like the #1 in the world!! :D
Slept until around 7am then woke up. Went for quick wash up then went down to canteen to help prepare breakfast. THANKS to JIEEN for lending me your toothpaste. :D
This morning I felt better than the previous morning when I was groggy, but I felt really sick. Anyway, after breakfast, i got everyone to go back to their bunks to pack up and arrange the tables then gathered them in the hall for our circle time. THANKS OLIVIA for helping me to plan the circle time even though I gave an impromtu notice. After circle time, everyone went to the logistics room to finish their reflection sheet and eat snacks. We then have our camp debrief and dismissed everyone. THANKS WAIYI for helping me pack up everything, locking the bunks and the ride back home. I was super tired when i reached home. I went right to bed.
Anyway, volleyball camp has officially ended this year and it was super successful! :D  *clap clap*
THANKS ALL THOSE WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE! THANKS to all the SEC4S for organising the camp and I would also like to THANK MISS TUAN & MDM JEERAH for making this camp possible. I would to THANK especially all those who participated the camp. :D

Post #1: A fresh start! :]

hahh! my new blog. :]
well, this is my first post . then i'm gonna post about some recent acitivities then . :)
last saturday, 13March2010, was the LEI Zone Sports Day! *clap clap*
It was really fun. :D
Met HuiYi at her house around 9.15am then head to the bus stop outside school to meet James, JiSiang, Jasper, Jonathan and ChunYee. We then took bus service number 157 to Ngee Ann Poly where the event was held. The event started with warm ups then followed by cheerleading! I'm proud and thankful of everyone who actually sacrificed their time with me and a few others to practice for the cheerleading event. Another SPECIAL THANKS to CELINE TSANG for choreographing everything. :DDD
After that, the 4x100m guys event came up and James and gang clinched the champion! They were like lightning fast nahs ! After them, me, ChunYee, WaiYi and HuiYi went to run for the 4x100m girls event. We too, also got the champion for that event. :]
James got champion for the 100m and 200m races, JiSiang got 2nd for the 100m race and Jonathan got 2nd for the 200m race. :]
ChunYee got 1st while HuiYi got 3rd for the 100m race. :DD
For the secondary category of captain's ball, our team got the champion! :D
Overall, we are the champion house! Go YELLOW!~
after that it was pouring heavily, then James led us to the bus stop and we hopped on a bus back to Toa Payoh. We then had dinner at KFC. Actually i stared while they eat.. xP
Everyone went off their own after eating.
Really THANKFUL for those who came and contributed in helping YELLOW to win! :D